Serdang Grace Baptist Church, formerly known as Sri Serdang Church (Reformed Baptist), was founded in 1983 by Dr. Poh Boon Sing. It was constituted with the blessing and prayer support of the Belvidere Road Church in Liverpool.

In January 1989, Pastor Ho Eng Ghee took over the ministry when Dr. Poh Boon Sing left the church to start a new work in the city of Kuala Lumpur. At the end of 2003, the Lord has enabled the church to purchase a building of its own and we have since moved to the present place in Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan, and at the same time the name of the church was changed to Serdang Grace Baptist Church due to the change of location.

The church recognizes the Lord Jesus Christ as its supreme Head, and undertakes to manage its own affairs according to the Word of God. And we believe the Holy Bible is the final and only authority in all matters of faith and practice. As a church we also subscribe to the Baptist 1689 Confession, for we believe it sets forth fundamentals of the Faith in clear and concise language.